Advantages of Flat roof solar mounting system

1. The solar rail bracket is easy to install and can be easily installed with simple tools (such as an inner hexagonal wrench). The length of the guide rail connector can be freely adjusted, and the bracket can be installed on the roof in advance and then appropriately adjusted according to the size of the solar panel.
2. Strong combination, aluminum alloy guide rails and clamps are suitable for various venues and tile roofs of various materials (such as iron sheets, ceramics and other tile surfaces).
3. The components have good compatibility, and the guide rails can meet the photovoltaic components manufactured by different manufacturers.
4. High accuracy. The length of the guide rail is accurate to millimeters. During the construction process, no second cutting is performed because the length is too long or too short.
5. Flexible assembly, the guide rail hook can adjust the distance between the installed component array and the tile surface, successfully solving the problem of construction difficulties caused by uneven roofs.
6. Design standards. During the design and development process, products are strictly based on national standards, German standards and other international standards to ensure that products reach the world’s advanced level.
7. Quality assurance. The main material of the bracket is high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which can effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation. Products can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution.

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